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Genik Incorporated designs and manufactures custom web handling machinery for the paper, board, foil and film converting industries. Genik entered the market place as a Genik Incorporatedbuilder of high-speed, wide-web coating and laminating systems, but as the industry changed over the years, Genik widened our market focus to include designs for coaters, laminators, slitters, unwinds and rewinds in the medium web width range. Genik also builds many cantilevered narrow web processing lines.

Genik’s machines are all custom designed and built to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Genik recognizes that processing and handling requirements can be unique; we deliver equipment that is truly customer oriented. We partner with you to design equipment based upon your needs and desires, and provide machinery that meets your specifications.


Genik was founded in 1982 by George Kesler and John Barnes. Prior to beginning Genik, our founders had in excess of 60 years combined experience working in the machinery design and flexible packaging industries. At Genik, George concentrated on the design and manufacturing areas, while John focused on sales. George’s son, Buck joined the firm in 1985 after completing a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Old Dominion University while also working in the paper converting design industry prior to and during his education. George and John both retired in 1994, and Buck was appointed president. John sold his interest in Genik to the Kesler’s shortly after his retirement. Both George and John can frequently still be found doing design and sales work on projects at Genik.

Facility and Location:

Genik is located in Richmond Virginia. Our facility includes office and conference spaces, as well as a state of the art machine shop and manufacturing facility with over 15,000 square feet. Having all resources for designing, manufacturing and assembling machinery at one site enables Genik to have ultimate control on both quality and scheduling. This translates into delivering customer satisfaction by producing and delivering quality equipment within the promised time frame. The location is a 5 minute drive from the Richmond International airport and is approximately a 25 minute drive from the Richmond Amtrak station.

Our street address is:
Genik Inc.
6119 Miller Road
Richmond, VA 23231

Our mailing address is:
Genik Inc.
PO Box 50037
Richmond, VA 23250


Genik has a large base of domestic and several international industrial customers. They are found in the metal, paper, film, and flexible packaging categories, as well as several others. Genik also has a base of customers whose needs include strictly machine shop work. Please contact us for specific references.


Genik has a staff of professional engineering design and sales engineers with more than 200 years of combined experience in the industry. Our shop is fully staffed with machinists and assemblers to provide the best products for our customers.

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